Jet Ski winner Mark Bridges had the best Oscar night

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Helen Mirren with Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges sitting on a Jet Ski, which he received as a prize for shortest acceptance speech. CREDIT: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

“Phantom Thread” costume designer Mark Bridges pretty much had the best time of anyone at the Academy Awards — he won an Oscar and a Jet Ski in the same night.

At the start of Sunday’s show, host Jimmy Kimmel offered up a Jet Ski and a trip to Lake Havasu in Arizona as a prize for the Oscar winner who gave the shortest acceptance speech, an incentive for keeping their statements brief.

“I will be timing you. I have a stopwatch,” Kimmel said.

The Jet Ski, Kimmel explained with help from Helen Mirren, who acted as the Vanna White to his Pat Sajak, was worth almost $18,000.

Kimmel announced at the end of the night that Bridges had the shortest speech, which clocked in around 30 seconds.

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