Paying tribute to the return of the American Bald Eagle in Louisiana

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MORGAN CITY, La. -- The 13th annual Eagle Expo and more took place this weekend in Morgan City. The Expo pays tribute to the return of the American Bald Eagle in Louisiana.

Highlights included boat tours to view the eagles and to meet fellow birders.

The epicenter for bald eagles is St. Mary and Terrebonne parishes.

Experts estimate about 1000 bald eagles “winter” in Louisiana before heading to southern Canada.

Nineteen majestic bald eagles were sighted on this tour.

There are also more than 300 active nests in Louisiana. And they are bigger than you think.

“They are big because they reuse the nests season after season and they keep adding to it. So some of them are over 6 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Plus, some nests even weigh over a ton! You can see 2 baby eagles here. They are not ready to leave the nest. It’ll be a couple of more weeks,” says Donna Dittmann with the LSU Museum of Natural Science.

The eagles head north in late April and May.