Understanding severe weather potential

To wrap up Severe Weather Awareness week we are talking about convective outlooks issued by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

The SPC is located in Norman, Oklahoma. This is the same group that issues severe thunderstorm and tornado watches.

Each day they will put out a product called the Convective Outlook. That highlights an area that is favorable for severe weather to develop during the day, or over the next few days.

The scale they use is Marginal (1) to High (5) with High being the best chance to see severe weather. In general a 3 or above represents a significant chance for severe weather, which has the potential to be dangerous to life and property.

You should pay attention to weather conditions through the day if you are within any of these threat areas. However a 3 or above typically means severe weather is likely, and you need to be ready to act through the day or night if warnings are issued for your area.