Want a bubble bath in your back yard? It’s at ‘The Rental Show’

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NEW ORLEANS -  It's rolled into New Orleans.

It's "The Rental Show".

It's the trade show for the equipment rental industry.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is on the show floor.

Wild Bill says it's like a circus on this show floor.

It's a circus that has more than three rings.

The show floor of "The Rental Show" has the world's biggest selection of large construction equipment.

Think cranes and really big bulldozers.

And the show floor has general tools like lawn and garden equipment that you would rent and take home to work on your own front lawn or backyard garden.

There's a section Wild Bill spots with what looks like the world's largest display of chainsaws.

Who knew there were so many different kinds of chainsaws until you rolled into "The Rental Show".

At this show is where businesses from around the world buy the stuff they'll then rent to you.

That kind of stuff includes big tents, big and small dishes of all shapes and sizes and even tablecloths.

And what about when you go to your neighbor's kid's big birthday party and there's one of those inflatable games or one of those inflatable bounce houses all blown up in the back yard.

Well, your neighbor rented in from somebody who probably bought it or saw it at "The Rental Show".

"The Rental Show" has parked itself inside New Orleans Morlal Convention Center from February 19 through February 21.

It is so big, "The Rental Show" takes up the Convention Center from Hall D all the way down to Hall J.

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