Not Michelanglo. That’s ‘Michelle Angelo’ in the ceiling of this state capitol

BATON ROUGE, La -  At the Louisiana State Capitol, one government worker is really moving up on the job.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says she's climbing the ladder of success.

And the ladder goes right up to the ceiling.

Way up there is where Elise Grenier is working.

Wild Bill believes she looks like an artist working way up there.

Wild Bill says, "I'll say the same thing everybody else says when they see you up there, you look like Michelangelo up there, do you feel like Michelangelo?"

Elise Grenier says, "I can certainly relate to Michelangelo; we both spent our days working off scaffolding, looking up at the ceiling all day long in magnificent locations and working with a lot of patience."

Elise works with patience, all right.

She works with patience and shots of glue and cotton dabs of TLC.

And that makes Elise Grenier look not so much like an artist, but more like, well, a doctor.

Elise says, "I'm an art doctor."

And the art doctor has an important patient.

The patient is a painting.  It's from 1932.  The painting tells the story of the state's history.  It fills up the first floor lobby.

And it's the reason Elise Grenier has been so busy.

She's been on the move around the capitol for the last month.

Wild Bill says to Elise, "before this, you were actually in Italy."

Elise says, "I was in Italy for the past 35 years studying the way the great masters did it."

Wild Bill says, "maybe you're not Michelangelo, but maybe Michelle Angelo!"

Elise says, "yes, I'm his heir."

Since this piece of work is not actually her painting, you won't see Elise Grenier's name signed in the corner.

She's just on the job as the art doctor.

And she's working to save the life of a Louisiana masterpiece.