Mayor Landrieu says ‘Thank you’ to city sanitation workers

NEW ORLEANS -- Mayor Mitch Landrieu gave thanks to the city's sanitation workers for their dedication to cleaning up after the parades roll for carnival.

He says the goal is for the streets to look like nothing happened and workers are doing a great job picking up after twenty parades this past week.

Plus, it only took workers an hour and a half to get city streets looking spotless.

"The best parade, with all due respect to every one of the parades, is the one that happens at the end of all the parades and that's y'all and the work that everybody in this room does," says Mayor Landrieu.

Roughly 600 people are working with the sanitation department this Carnival Season.

They say you can do your part to clean up as well helping our city make sure those beads don't get lost in our catch basins.