Will it rain on your parade?

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With a storm system moving into the area through the upcoming weekend the big concern is will rain impact the Carnival festivities going on around the area. We do have a decent rain chance across the area, but as it stands right now it actually looks like we should time this out pretty well.

Saturday an area of low pressure will begin moving toward the area. Clouds and moisture will be spreading in with that. Expect conditions to be cool with the cloud cover and most of the day in the upper 50s.

As of now it looks like most of the heavy rain moves in later Saturday night. A few showers cannot be ruled out by later in the afternoon and evening, but in terms of parade timing it should pan out pretty well.

The caveat is going to be something like last weekend where the system sped up a few hours and if that happens we would end up seeing wetter conditions during the day. On Sunday the rain looks to move out mid-morning. This means that parades are looking dry. Sunday should also be a nicer day overall as we see temperatures warm into the mid and upper 60s through the afternoon.


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