How wearing red on Friday could change lives

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NEW ORLEANS -- Did you know you can make a life-changing fashion statement on Friday, February 2?

It's the 15th annual National Wear Red Day, and it's all about bringing awareness to heart disease.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in New Orleans.

Nearly 80% of women have at least one risk factor, but the largest risk factor that can’t be overcome is family history.

"This wasn't something that she even knew that she had. It was very quick," says Corrie Pellerin.

Pellerin is describing her mom who passed away following Hurricane Katrina, after suffering from the silent killer, heart disease.

"You can do everything right, really take all of the steps to be proactive in your health, however, there can be something that is so small but so significant that people can overlook," says Pellerin.

She says her mom, only 52 years old, had to find a new doctor to help treat her fibromyalgia when the family sought refuge in Houston following the hurricane.

However new doctors gave her mom conflicting medications that enlarged her heart, and she died shortly after.

"I know that she never got her heart checked, and when you put your faith and health into doctor's hands, you trust that. I do believe that if this happened this time, where it hadn't been where our city was displaced, she would be still here today," says Pellerin.

WGNO also sat down with Aimee Gowland, whose family also has a history of heart disease.

These women are gathering together to discuss this illness and to bring awareness to it.

They are urging everyone to dress head to toe in red on Friday.

The color red is such a powerful strong color," says Gowland.

"You are always pushed to go get your boobs checked, you know? It's October I must make that mammogram appointment. You never ever think, oh, maybe I need to go get my cholesterol checked, or maybe I need to make an appointment to have my general well being checked out," says Gowland.

So this Friday, wear some form of red and join together to help battle heart disease.

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