King Cake of the Day: Navarre’s Famous King Cakes

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SPRINGFIELD, La. -  It's officially King Cake Season. We're taking you to the hottest spots around to get your fill of Carnival goodness in King Cake of the Day!

If you ask the Navarre Family, they'll tell you it's all about quality! They strive to make sure all of their cakes are fresh and moist and apparently, it works - because they sell out every day.

Ernie Navarre isn't just in the donut business, "I've got a gym right on the other side of the wall. A lot of people who have never been here before, they always thought it's kinda cool. It's kinda funny at the same time, having a gym and having a donut shop too." And he says, people take advantage, "Believe it or not, we got some of them come get a cup of coffee, eat a donut and get a sugar rush, and they'll go straight to the gym!"

They can make just about any flavor that you want, and they'll make sure you have exactly what you want.  "They come in, they want strawberry jelly and peanut butter. We get some that are really particular. They might want 80% strawberry, 20% cream cheese."

These family recipes are not out of a book. Each one is carefully created and tested. Ernie's son came up with the recipe for praline pecan at 15 years old!

Ernie says cooking the filling inside the cake makes a big difference! "That filling will cook and it gives off a steam, and that steam will help them king cakes taste a lot better."

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