Watch Drew Brees’ son stop Alvin Kamara in the red zone

Photo courtesy New Orleans Saints

NEW ORLEANS – Most NFL defensive players couldn’t figure out how to stop rookie New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara last season, but he’s apparently no match for the Brees boys.

Callen Brees, the son of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, stopped Kamara cold in the red zone during Pro Bowl practices today.

The Saints posted a video of the “stuff” to the team’s Facebook page this afternoon.

Callen Brees steps right up to Kamara, throws up his hands, and that’s all it takes to repel the charge.

Kamara recoils and falls on his back, no match the the junior Brees’ defensive skills.

Callen and his brothers Baylen and Bowen are all serving as ball boys at this year’s Pro Bowl, but it looks like Callen may return there someday as a player.

Watch the epic goal line stand below: