King Cake of the Day: Joe’s Cafe!

METAIRIE -  It's officially King Cake Season. We're taking you to the hottest spots around to get your fill of Carnival goodness in King Cake of the Day!

Wes spoke to Justin Armond at Joe's cafe about their delicious king cakes and he says, it's a huge process! "King cake process takes actually, it's more than what people would expect. It's probably close to, depending on the load, an in between 8 to 10-hour process."

They have all sorts of flavors like Bavarian, strawberry and almost any other flavor you can think of, "Any flavor we can fill a doughnut, we can fill a king cake."

His favorite though is the strawberry cream cheese! He says its the best of both worlds. If you go, be sure to check out their praline, which is topped with caramel, pecans, icing, and sugar!