How to get your king cake fix without packing on the pounds

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NEW ORLEANS -- With all this king cake, you can definitely pack on the calories, but if you want a king cake in your life without putting the pounds on, there's a way. Sort of.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez checked out some cool, inedible king cake-themed items around town.

We first headed to Fleurty Girl, where they sell king cake bath bombs and king cake themed shirts.

"Instead of eating it, you can relax in your tub with it," Cree Deville Garrard, Fleurty Girl employee, said.

It smells just like king cake.  and there's even the iconic baby in the middle.

Fleurty Girl is, of course, known for Tshirts, so you can get your king cake fix in clothing form as well.

At MJ's in Old Metairie, there are king cake necklaces with purple, green, and gold bands, and they are handcrafted out of clay.  There's also a special silver-plated king cake baby necklace. We also have our special silver plated king cake baby necklace.

At MJ's they also have a variety of other king cake products, like dish towels and ceramic plates.

"None of these items have any calories in them," she said with a smile.

So remember, a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!

For more information about Fleurty Girl, click HERE.

For more information about MJ's, click HERE.

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