Senator’s “invisible glasses” take internet by storm

NEW ORLEANS -- It happens to the best of us.  We're so used to our normal routine, sometimes we go through the motions, even when we don't have to.

That's exactly what happened to Senator Orrin Hatch, of Utah, who was caught on camera doing something completely ordinary: taking off his glasses.

The problem?

He wasn't wearing them!

It happened earlier this week, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Homeland Security.

You can see the 83-year-old Utah Republican remove "phantom" specs, and totally unfazed, go on with his questioning about worker visas.

After the clip went viral, Hatch staffers had a little fun with it.

The lawmaker's office responded to a Twitter post, saying they were new "invisible" glasses by eyewear company Warby Parker.

Not to be left out, the Daily Show offered it's support with a sweet pair of black sunnies.

Our own Anne Cutler enjoyed this story so much, she could hardly contain herself! Check out the video (at top of article) of her hysterical reaction, live on Good Morning New Orleans.

Anne tells us she's done the exact same thing with a cup of coffee.

It's okay. We've all been there.