New interim Children’s Museum of St. Tammany opens Saturday

MANDEVILLE, La. -- The brand new Children's Museum of St. Tammany lives up to its namesake.

"We wanted this to be a snapshot of St. Tammany. We wanted it to look and feel and allow kids to really own it and be a part of it and learn more about the culture and the community in which they live," says Lisa Barnett, The Children's Museum of St. Tammany board of trustees president.

From the climbing wall that's designed to look like a live oak, to the signature water features that make St. Tammany special, there's a little corner that's left to be discovered.

There's even a "STEM" room, a place to engage in science, technology, engineering and math.

"It's geared toward the older kids but the little ones enjoy it too. There's a lot of magnetic pieces, a big waterworks feature that allows kids to learn about energy," says Barnett.

The interim Children's Museum has a little something for everyone and plans to expand are already in the works, as fundraising efforts for the 30-thousand square foot facility are in place to meet everyone's needs.

"Our special needs kids are important to us, we plan to have programming specifically designed for them. It's a big part of this project. We want children with all different abilities and talents to come in, enjoy it and work with each other and play with each other," says Barnett.

It's located at 21404 Koop Drive in Mandeville.