King Cake of the Day: Marguerite’s King Cakes

SLIDELL, La. -  It's officially King Cake Season. We're taking you to the hottest spots around to get your fill of Carnival goodness in King Cake of the Day!

Marguerite has been doing king cakes for 40 years and says, "I've been enjoying every minute of it."

She told us that there are 13 different steps between bakers mixing the dough and customers picking up a cake. All together it takes six hours!

Marguerite has 40 different flavors, but first, she has  to tell us her favorite, "The Double Pecan Orleans." They also have Cajun Praline which has caramel and pecans on the outside. They also sell Brownie, Zulu, Boston Creme, Double Pecan Apple, Bavarians, "we just have all kinds - 40 different flavors."

Marguerite says her secret weapon is her icing. "I'm known for my almond icing. Ever since I've been doing king cakes, I always did it the same, nothing has changed! My recipe is the same, I do everything the same! I have not changed anything."

Here's her favorite way to have king cake, "If you like coffee, coffee is great. A nice cup of coffee and king cake. But if you take it and you put it in your microwave for just a couple of seconds, and you put some butter on it, especially the traditional, it's just like you're baking it and it comes straight out of the oven."