Bal Masque to benefit NOLA kids

NEW ORLEANS -- These beautiful children are part of the second largest head start grantee in the state at Kingsley House.

We're here today because Kingsley House is one of the beneficiaries of the fine work of the Link Strejewski Foundation, headed by celebrity chefs Donald Link and Stephen Strejewski.

According to Kingsley House Director Keith Leiderman, their work here has been invaluable.

"They're just completely hands on, completely involved. They're arguably our best friends," he said.

As the Link Restaurant Group grew, the chefs decided it was time to make a difference in their hometown.

"What we wanted was to really put the main effort into this community, and where in this community can we best serve and get the greatest affect fro what we do," Link  told us.

Making a real difference involves funding, and that's where this weekend's 3rd Annual Bal Masque comes in.

Bal Masque is the major fundraiser for the foundation, but it's also a great time.  Its a throwback to the Creole Mardi Gras masked balls of yesteryear with costumes, great music and great food.

Stryjewski says, "I'm most excited for the chefs. Nancy Oakes is doing our welcome dinner, and she's a fantastic cook from Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco. I'm really excited to see what she brings."

Get ticket and info to Bal Masque activities here