The Krewe of Muses dazzles with their signature throws

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NEW ORLEANS -- The all-female Krewe of Muses dazzles with their coveted throws.

That's right, the thousands of high heeled shoes created for Carnival season are created with lots and lots of glitter!

"It will be in all sorts of places you never thought possible," krewe member Alysia Kravitz Loshbaugh jokes as she gives tips on just how much time and effort goes into these masterpieces.

Muses has 1,100 riders with a max of 30 shoes per person.

This may seem like an endless possibility of throws, but Loshbaugh says catching one is a rarity.

"The look on somebody's face when you reach down and hand them a shoe from a float is just, I mean, there is nothing quite like it. Because it's so rare and so special to get one. Some people go years and years and years and have never gotten one."

Interesting fact: Most of these shoes are either from thrift stores or bought in bulk with less popular sizes.

Shoes are also bought in bulk from an exotic dance store in California.

Yes, the platformed stripper shoes do make for the best throws, according to another krewe member.

"There are not that many women who wear a size 5, 5 1/2, 6, and so I try to get those if I can. I personally don't have feet that small," says Loshbaugh.

When asked what her favorite decorated heel was in the past, she said her Game of Thrones-themed heel.

The Krewe is extending an open invite to anyone who is interested in decorating these signature throws.

Two workshops will be held at the Newcomb Museum on Tulane's campus.

Click here for more details, and click here to see awesome Muses photos from Instagram.

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