Humane Society to protest judge who didn’t prosecute boy who swung dogs by leash

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BATON ROUGE – The Humane Society of Louisiana is planning a peaceful protest against a judge who declined to bring charges against a teen who swung two dogs around on a leash and then let go.

Humane Society director Jeff Dorson said Juvenile Judge Pamela Johnson’s failure to prosecute the 15-year-old boy is inexcusable.

“We are organizing a peaceful protest to continue to shed light on Judge Johnson’s misconduct and her failure to keep our citizens and their pets safe,” Dorson said. “What we all saw in the video was a disturbing willful act of violence committed against two animals and if left unchecked will likely be repeated and escalate. We want to let Judge Johnson know that we don’t share her interpretation of the law nor are we indifferent to the suffering of animals.”

In the video, which was widely shared on social media, the boy can be seen swinging two dogs by their leashes before releasing them.

The dogs, who were unhurt, fall heavily on a concrete surface.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office initially began investigating the matter before turning the investigation over to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office once it was determined the incident occurred in their jurisdiction, according to Dorson.

Judge Johnson refused to sign a warrant for the boy’s arrest, but a second judge, when presented with the same evidence, signed a warrant for the boy’s arrest, according to Dorson.

The protest against Johnson’s actions will begin at noon on January 16 in front of the Juvenile Courthouse.