More freezing temps on the way

NEW ORLEANS – A Freeze Warning is in effect for south shore areas tonight through early Saturday morning.

This means temperatures will be just below freezing which could cause issues for plants and pets that are exposed to the cold.

Overnight lows will be even colder up to the north. In general, we will experience upper 20s there and low 30s on the south shore. A little warmer along the immediate lakefront due to the winds staying higher.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon will stay chilly. We’re looking at highs only in the mid 40s each day. Overall, plenty of sun through the weekend.

The coldest morning will be Sunday.

That’s when we will most likely see mid to upper 20s around the area. These are temperatures that could also impact exposed pipes and faucets, so it’s a good idea to keep those wrapped up Saturday night if they’re not already.

Expect hard freeze warnings to be issued for the end of the weekend. Temperatures will stay below normal through most of next week.