New hotel in Warehouse District features beer expert

NEW ORLEANS -- If you love a cold brew, there's a hotel in the Warehouse District with a team that specializes in beer.

The Cambria Hotel and Suites also features local artists, including an Instagram photographer who captures king cake baby photos.

These photos hang on the hotel room walls giving it a modern and hipster feel, and it differentiates itself from the typical French Quarter feel of city hotels.

The Cambria also features the uniqueness of spotlighting local craft beers.

"Craft beer has become so popular that there is really an art and science to that as well, this is the certification and the highest level of expertise that people receive in the craft beer world," said Janis Cannon, senior vice president of Choice Hotels Upscale Brands.

Scott Casey is the "beer expert" for the company.

He trains the servers to also become experts at the trade.

"My father always said I'm just a drunk with a title, which is amazing. I get to deal with spirits and beers and wine," says Casey.

The hotel bar offers six  local craft beers, all of which you can come and sample to find what fits your pallet.

"It's being able to have the diversity of styles to showcase the local flair," says Casey.

"The process is more about finding out what the guest likes. Because again, it's kind of like wine where there's not a right or wrong answer, it's more about finding out what the guests typically use to drinking," says Casey.

This is one of 36 Cambria hotels across the country.

At each hotel, you can find beer experts and all the local brews.