Hi Do Bakery in Terrytown: Our King Cake of the Day!

TERRYTOWN, La. -  It's officially King Cake Season. We're taking you to the hottest spots around to get your fill of Carnival goodness in King Cake of the Day!

There's a place in Terrytown that can make a King Cake fit for a King, in the shape of a crown! Or a cake fit for a Saint, in the shape of a fleur de lis! Hi Do Bakery has our king cake of the day!

Kim Do, daughter of owners Ha and Huyen, tells us that the shaped King Cakes are very special to Hi Do. They even do an intricate crawfish shaped cake!

They fill the cakes before they bake, giving the fillings a delicious texture, but you can also always get traditional. "Our traditional has cinnamon in the middle, but we can fill them with different kinds of filling, customers let us know and we can do pretty much whatever they ask us to do."

The perfect King Cake is summed up by a perfect mixture of traditional and unique, "Our king cakes are traditional in the sense that they are just a light dough, with the light glazing and the color sugar, so we don't do icing, but our customers prefer it that way, they say it reminds them of the old McKenzie's King Cakes, but we also do different fillings."

Test Kitchen Taylor says that their Bavarian Cream King Cake is hard to beat!

What's Kim's recipe for perfect Carnival season meal? Crawfish, King Cake, and the Saints!