Getting into the Saints spirit with ‘Black and Gold’ cotton candy

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NEW ORLEANS -- We're all hoping our 'Black and Gold' can go all the way to the Super Bowl.  All over New Orleans fans are gearing up for a sweet victory against the Vikings!

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez found a local businesswoman that is making sweet black and gold cotton candy in honor of the Saints.

Jeanne O' Leary started making cotton candy back in 2011, but in 2016 Poof Cotton Candy really took off. She makes specialty, gourmet, artisan cotton candy that tastes delicious.

"Poof Cotton Candy specializes in unique cotton candy.  There are local flavors like Lemon Doberge for the Saints.  We couldn't just go with normal cotton candy, so we had to make something with New Orleans flair,"  she said.

This Black and Gold cotton candy is lemon flavored and loaded with little black sprinkles.

"The black sprinkles make it super festive.  Look at it.  It is so Saints-spirited," O'Leary said.

This isn't just any cotton candy on a stick.  This cotton candy is freshly made to order and takes a few days of preparation before it's ready to chow down.

"I feel like this cotton candy will definitely be great for the players after the game.  I'll give the sweet Saints players some Poof Cotton Candy as a sweet reward," she said.

This Carnival season, Jeanne also said that she sells special king cake cotton candy too. You can get it at the suites at the Superdome.  Poof Cotton Candy is made to order, so you must contact Jeanne to order some.   To get Poof Cotton Candy, click HERE.