New Orleans Auto Wraps create tricked out Saints Viper

METARIE, La -- For David Bruchis, cars are his thing.

He’s been in the business since he was 18 years old and then decided to take it up a notch by starting auto wraps.My goal was to be the best at detailing or whatever I was doing I wanted to be the best,” says Bruchis.

He and his wife tag team the business helping customer's visions for their vehicles come alive.

According to Katherine Bruchis, the process can be tedious but is worth it when the new tricked out vehicle is unveiled.

"I like this, I like this one. I love that one! So it's really just about dialing it in to see what they really like,” says Katherine.

After visiting the auto wraps shop, I saw a giant snake print that wrapped around a viper, and then I saw a nice, blue, matte colored Porsche.

But Bruchis says, it’s more than just cars and trucks.

"One time we got a call to do a helicopter,” Bruchis starts to laugh. “Hashtag wrap that. Wrap everything."

The vinyl wraps are just like big stickers. Easy to apply and to take off.

Bruchis says the paint job underneath stays in primes condition and the vinyl wraps last 7 to 10 years.

But out of all of the cars, Bruchis says his pride and joy is his own vehicle, the Viper.

This time, he has it decked out for Black and Gold Nation in honor of the Saints’ potential journey to the Super Bowl.

Bruchis says it's just lacking a touch from the team!

"I would love to have them all sign the car, you know have them sign the car. That would be a great deal,” says Bruchis.

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