‘Rookie of the Year’ star Thomas Ian Nicholas talks about his new vampire flick

NEW ORLEANS -- Wizard World Comic Con is in New Orleans and it's your chance to meet TV and movie stars like Thomas Ian Nicholas, the star of "Rookie of the Year" and the hit "American Pie" films.

Thomas Ian Nicholas is now starring in and producing a new movie called "Living Among Us," which hits theaters on February 2nd. The film is about a news crew that is sent to a house where there are supposed vampires.  The news crew is out to prove or disprove whether they are really vampires.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez sat down and talked with Thomas Ian Nicholas about his past movies, his music career and current movie productions.

In addition to being a movie star, he's also a musician.  Over the years he's had several albums.  If you'd like to hear him perform you can at the Moxy NOLA on Friday night.

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