Does this movie have a happy ending? Who knows? Only YOU know.

NEW ORLEANS - This is Hollywood South.

New Orleans in the other "LA".  That's Louisiana.

And that's where they're making a movie at The Other Bar.  That's at 5039 Freret Street in New Orleans.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is on the set.

Also on the set is the director.

And the producer.

And a cinematographer.

And Adam Henslee.  Adam is an actor.  He's the star.

WIld Bill asks Adam, "you had to memorize a lot of lines for your part?"

Adam says, "lots of lines, yes."

Adam knows how this story goes.  It's part of Collaborative Stories.  These movies are three-minute movies masterpieces.

They're posted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  You can watch the first and second seasons, all you have to do is click right here.

Collaborative Stories is a continuing series.  The creative folks who put it together know that.

They know everything about every story.  They know how it starts out.

They know what's in the middle of it all.

They everything, except how the story end.

It's a mystery to them.

They're working. They're wondering. They're waiting.

They're waiting for you, actually.

That's the way Collaborative Stories goes.

The ending is up to you.

You get to decide.

After you watch, there's a list of possible endings. You can choose one of them.

Or you can get creative and come up with your own conclusion.

It could be a crazy wrap up. It could be happy. It could be sad.  It could be a cliffhanger worthy of a season ending finale.

The make the movie.

You decide, The End.