Tips for riders taking Uber on New Year’s Eve

The logo for the ride sharing service Uber, stylized on a gray background.

New Orleans – With many people expected to use Uber on New Year’s Eve, the ride-hailing company is offering tips to help you save money and stay safe.

Saving money on rides:

  1. Plan your night: Uber expects the highest demand to be between midnight and 3:00 a.m. local time, which means higher fares. You will be asked to confirm the higher fare before the ride is requested. Local law firm Dudley DeBosier will pay for your Uber ride. Sign-up here and you’ll get a promo code for a free ride within New Orleans city limits for up to $25.
  2. Use Multiple Stops: Start or end your festivities early by picking up or dropping off your friends en-route to your destination and sharing one Uber.
  3. Split Fare: Whether you’re riding with your friends using multiple stops or all meet at the same place to catch your ride, you can split the fare in the app.

Rideshare Safety:

  1. Car details: Make sure the car make/model/license plate matches what’s in the app before you get in.
  2. Driver details: Confirm the driver’s name and that he/she looks like the photo in app.