EXCLUSIVE: Global Globe Nominee Nikki Blonsky talks life 10 years after she filmed ‘Hairspray’

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NEW ORLEANS -- With Hairspray celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Nikki Blonsky who played Tracy Turnblad in the film hasn't disappeared. The Golden Globe Nominee star has appeared in TV shows like Huge, Ugly Betty, and Smash. She recently finished a film with Burt Reynolds called Dog Years which is expected to release in 2017.

Jabari: What was your favorite song you did as Tracy Turnblad on Hairspray?

Nikki: I know it sounds cliche and everybody.....

Jabari: Good Morning Baltimore!

Nikki: It is! It really is! 

Jabari: What is your favorite song to sing that's not in Hairspray?

Nikki: Totaly out of prospectus. Crazy by Patsy Cline. A sad country love song.

Jabari: I heard something awful happened on set (The Lifetime movie Queensized)  when you were supposed to work.

Nikki: They were saying 'keep Nikki far from the set!' I pull up and there's a corner's van cause they found a dead body behind the school.

Jabari: Wow! That's something that rarely Happens on a movie set! 

Nikki: Really Rare! 

Jabari: What do you have to say to the rejected out there in the world?

Nikki: Be you! I always say you get one shot in life. So enjoy it. have fun!

You can follow Nikki Blonsky on IG @NikkiBlonsky


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