Tips from the SPCA ensure your pet’s safety during the holidays

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ALGIERS, La. -- It comes as no surprise that your four-legged friend might get into some holiday mischief this time of year so it's best to be prepared ahead of time.

“It may seem like oh they just chewed on it, it will be fine, but actually it can do a lot of internal damage as well that you don't see," says Beth Renfro with the Louisiana SPCA.

Renfro is talking about those bright and festive Christmas lights you may have hanging around. The electrical cords are likely the largest pet hazard. That's why she recommends bundling light cords together and keeping them out of reach.

Another holiday hazard is the poinsettia. If your pet ingests those bright red leaves, or even drinks left over water from the planter, the combination can be toxic.

"You're going to see things like vomiting and diarrhea and you want to make sure that they get to a vet immediately."

Renfro also recommends avoiding glass ornaments altogether and opting for plastic decorations instead. She says investing in a baby gate to surround your tree might not be a bad idea either. And to be even more on the safe side, you can limit your pet's access to all festivities by creating a "holiday room" that's people friendly and off limits to dogs and cats.

"If you see a couple ornaments on the ground when you do get home make sure you check them for hooks. Sometimes hooks get ingested when they knock them off," says Renfro.