Incredible Christmas lights display on Folse Drive in Metairie

METAIRIE, La. -- Maybe you remember going to Folse Drive during the holidays to see the Christmas lights at Al Copeland's house.  After Copeland's death, his family donated the lights to Jefferson Parish so they could be used for its annual display in Lafreniere Park.

But there's another display on Folse that you should also make a point of seeing.  And the artist who designed and installed it has connections to both of the street's beautiful displays.

"I started with Al's. And that kinda got the whole ball rolling, back in the 80s," said Megan Becker.

Becker is a professional Christmas decorator.  Not only has she put up some of the grandest displays in the New Orleans area, she also once worked on the team that decorated the D.H. Holmes department store on Canal Street -- back in the day.

Now, she works exclusively for Jackie and Richard Amundson.  Their house is at 5129 Folse Drive.

Becker says she's been working for the couple for at least 8 years.  Each year, she builds the display around a different theme.  But they all have one thing in common, a giant Mr. Bingle that Becker made in her workshop in Lacombe.

This year's them is borrowed from the 1930s movie A Midsummer Night's Dream, only with Midwinter substituted in the yard's title banner.

"It's a one of a kind. You won't find it anywhere else," Becker says.

But after her years of bringing beautiful Christmas displays to Folse Drive, Becker says this year might be her last.

"To go out with a big bang like this is fine with me," says Becker, referring to this year's ornate display.

"I want to invite everybody to get in your cars and come out here and see this," she says with a smile.  "We have it going on out here."

She says the display takes a long time to build and install.  For more on how long, and to get a good look at Becker's work, click on the video button at the top of the screen.