Canal Street Ferry Terminal to have pedestrian bridge after all

NEW ORLEANS — The future Canal Street Ferry Terminal will have a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks. But, it may not be as extensive as the old bridge or be in the same place.

The tweaked designs for the new terminal building and pedestrian bridge were the focus of two public input sessions at the New Orleans Library Main Branch.

The first involved a presentation and comment session for the new terminal building. Designers showed that it will have more covered areas and better access for disabled riders, which were two of the concerns expressed by the community when the first version of the plans came out.

The second — and longer — session focused on plans for a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks. The bridge was not in the original plans.

The designers of the bridge project said they considered several locations and decided to recommend a spot close to the Aquarium of the Americas. This would mean the bridge would be built on property owned by the Audubon Nature Institute. An agreement has already been made between the city and Audubon, according to the designers.

Ron Forman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Audubon Nature Institute, was at the library. When some people in the audience questioned why the bridge would be built on Audubon property, he said the location wasn’t a done deal.

The RTA will hold another public input session for the new designs Thursday, January 18, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Algiers Auditorium.