Northshore residents are still without power, should be restored Monday

AMITE, La. -- "I like cold weather, like I said, I've always liked cold weather. It doesn't bother me, the colder the better," says Wilkie Simmons.

But not everyone on the Northshore is as positive about last week's snowfall as several homes were in the dark for days.

Some areas in Amite saw roughly six inches of snow and residents we spoke with say it's unlike anything they've ever seen before.

And with that fresh powdery blanket, a blast of unwelcome cold air inside, as temperatures reportedly dropped into the 20's in some areas.

"I only got power back Saturday night. So we were out of 24 hours," says Ali Huffman.

One man says his power only went out for about a half hour and he was lucky, explaining that his neighbors lost power for about a week before the snow storm hit.

Still, he has a solution.

"They need to get a generator. I had a generator and it worked," says Larry Turnage.