5 ways you can save on your electricity bill in the winter

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NEW ORLEANS -– Entergy has some energy-saving tips to keep in mind during the cold weather.

 According to the company, these are the top five that could save you some cash:

  1. Adjust the thermostat. Every degree higher can add three percent to your bill. So if you increase the temperature by ten degrees, that’s 30% added to your bill.
  2.  Conserve hot water. Wrap your water heater with a water heater blanket, which can be found at your local home improvement store and set the thermostat to 120 degrees or medium.
  3. Replace air and furnace filters every 30 days or as required by the type of filter.
  4. Need to replace a burned out light-bulb? Consider using newer, energy-efficient bulbs.
  5. Be sure to seal air leaks. Install weather stripping around doors, windows, and any location where there could be a gap between the inside and outside of your home.

Other suggestions: Keep doors and windows closed when the heat is on, open curtains to let warm sunlight in during the day, and set the thermostat back to 55 degrees if you will be away from home for several days.

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