5 tips to keep your pet warm during winter weather

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NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana SPCA has some tips for pet owners to help protect their animals during cold weather.

The first tip seems obvious, but it’s good to remind everyone.  Your pets should not be kept outdoors during cold weather.

But if you don’t want to bring your pet indoors, here’s the second tip.  Provide a shelter for your pet with adequate protection from high winds and low temperatures.

Third, if you have puppies, kittens, or older animals, be aware that they are especially sensitive to the cold.

Fourth, since your pets cannot signal for help, never leave them unattended around gas furnaces or electrical heaters.

And fifth, since there’s no shortage of stray or feral cats, honk your car’s horn before starting the engine.  Cats could crawl under the hood of the car or inside wheel wells looking for warmth.

Also, during freeze advisory conditions, workers with the LASPCA treat calls concerning animals without shelter as emergencies.  If you see an animal that is outdoors without proper shelter, you should call 504-368-5191 ext. 100.



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