The Historic New Orleans Collection showcases jazz posters of jazz greats

NEW ORLEANS -- "You'll see various jazz musicians from Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, up through the bebop generation… John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie," says Eric Seiforth with The Historic New Orleans Collection.

And the list of jazz masters continues at the HNOC where their Giants of Jazz exhibition showcases 17 of Polish artist Waldemar Świerzy's larger-than-life portraits.

Świerzy was a graphic artist, book illustrator and is considered a master of poster design.

He was a leader in the 20th century tradition of poster art and his footprint is evidenced at the HNOC today.

"Świerzy does an amazing job bringing the style of the performance with the performers’ essence into the poster itself. These are portraits of the artist in poster form," says Seiforth.

The famous jazz trumpeter, Miles Davis is shown playing his "red hot horn" in one poster.

Davis is shown in another poster where the artist used a cool blue color, referencing his work with “cool jazz.” -a style of modern jazz music characterized by relaxed tempos and a lighter tone.

Still, everyone has a favorite, both a musician and a poster.

The exhibition is an exploration into the interplay of musical and visual elements.