Ballet meets Breakdancing at the Saenger Theatre: The Hip Hop Nutcracker

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NEW ORLEANS - It's Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, blended with New York City style hip hop, and it could be your next family tradition. Tonight at the Saenger Theatre, tickets are still available for The Hip Hop Nutcracker, featuring MC Kurtis Blow, the legendary musician who ruled the rap world in the 1980s.

Blow is one of the founders and creators of recorded rap and he says this show symbolizes the evolution of rap music.

"We've come a long way from just jammin' in the parks," he told Twist Reporter Stephanie Oswald.

"It's so awesome. When I first got involved what really excited me was the classical music mixed together, blended with the hip hop beats."

It's a modern take on the traditional Nutcracker tale, with a few tweaks. Blow says his favorite part (when he's not on stage himself) is when the Nutcracker gets magical shoes that improve his dancing skills.

"Before the shoes he was just an average dancer so now he has these shoes on and he's doing all these incredible moves now: windmills and back spins, and he defeats all of the evil with these new magical shoes," explains Blow.

When it comes to the national tour schedule, Blow says bringing the show to New Orleans is a highlight.

"The vibe of this city... the spirit of this city it's just a no-brainer that we'd have to come here, because there's so much culture here."

Plus, he's a personal fan of New Orleans.

"Bourbon Street, what more can you say?  I love your basketball team, big shout out to those twin towers. And you've got a great football team, shout out to Drew Brees!" smiles Blow.

He even gave us a taste of "Christmas Rappin'" the song that launched his career in 1979. It was the first Hip Hop song released on a major label (Mercury Records). Watch the clip above to hear it for yourself, and if you want to see more of the magic of Kurtis Blow, choreography by Jennifer Weber and breakdancing blended with ballet, head to the Saenger, where tickets are still available, and start at about $40.

"It's a good look for hip hop and fun for the whole family," says Kurtis.

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