Father & son duo pick out perfect Christmas tree

NEW ORLEANS--  This weekend, Christmas trees lots were very busy with folks wanting to pick out the perfect tree for the holidays.

WGNO's Kenny Lopez went to the tree lot at Home Depot to see how things were going!

Brent Ledet and his 8-year old son, Cruz are looking for that perfect tree.

"I think the perfect tree is one that doesn't have too many branches that fall to the ground, one that smells good, and one that is big enough for your house," Cruz said.

Cruz's dad said he hopes the tradition of picking out the tree is something his son values and will remember.

"It's good to have traditions during the holiday season and this is one of them, hopefully he enjoys picking out the tree," he said.

"I really did enjoy picking out the tree with my dad.  I'm pretty sure we'll do it again next year, "  Brent's son said.

In some places, tree prices are on the rise, but here in New Orleans, they are very reasonably priced.  Six foot trees cost about 45 dollars.  Seven foot trees cost about 55 dollars, and trees larger than 8 feet cost close to 100 dollars.