Head to MSY extra early to avoid Thanksgiving travel headaches

NEW ORLEANS  -- If you're flying at Louis Armstrong International Airport, prepare for holiday crowds.

Wednesday morning, MSY didn't look too bad on delays. There was just one delayed United Flight to Newark on the travel board, heading out in the afternoon.

But it was busy, busy, busy. The security line was packed.

The airport is expecting longer than normal check-in and security checkpoint lines Wednesday. Airport officials are encouraging folks to get out extra early, saying you need to be at check-in at least two hours before your departure time if you're taking a domestic flight.

If you're flying out of the country, you need to give yourself three hours.

Wednesday is supposed to be the busiest travel day at Louis Armstrong International Airport. We asked travelers how they deal with the crowds and chaos.

“Books, games— just kill time— that’s it, haha, I’ll go to the bar,” said Jimmy Long of California.

“Be patient. That’s the best travel tip I can give you and keep water in your purse! You get thirsty," said Kaya Johnson of Tennessee.

But both travelers agreed, the traveling woes are worth it, when you get home to your family and friends for the Thanksgiving festivities and fun.

Sunday will likely be busy too, lots of people heading back home. No major flight disruptions have been forecasted for the foreseeable future, but, as always, travelers should prepare for unexpected changes and check with their airline.

For now though, happy flying and have a great Thanksgiving weekend!