Thanksgiving travel trends on the ground and in the air

KENNER, La. -- The national gas price average has been slowly declining since the beginning of this week and it's a trend that drivers are pleasantly aware of.

"Right now I don't think the gas is too bad. If my memory serves me correctly, I think it's a little lower than years past," says Harold West from Kenner.

“I'm from California, so I love the gas prices here, you know up in California, gas prices probably average $3.29 a gallon or something like that I guess. Down here it's a dollar cheaper. $2.27, $2.29,” says Willie Hill who is visiting from California.

AAA reports nearly 46 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles away from their home by car for Thanksgiving, but what about those who prefer to fly to visit friends and family?

"Our biggest challenge over the next few days is parking. We have a limited amount of parking capacity. Definitely give yourself that two hours at a minimum in advance because your first parking option may not be available," says Louis Armstrong International Airport spokesperson, Michelle Wilcut.

It’s a solid tip for both ticketed passengers and those who find themselves behind the wheel to pick up their loved ones just in time for turkey day.

"The traffic was not so good but other than that it was a pretty smooth ride. Their flight arrived early, so even better," says Michael Brantmier from Metairie.

Wednesday is anticipated to be the busiest travel day at the airport in anticipation of the holiday.

Sunday will likely be busy as well, as families say their goodbyes and head back home.