In a pickle about how to tickle your taste buds on National Pickle Day?

MARRERO, La -  It's National Pickle Day!

You have to celebrate.

And, so the question is, how will you celebrate?

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has just the right recipe.

It's Pickle on the Rocks.  A blast of pickle-inspired winter flavor in the middle of the summer, usually.  But you can have it any time of year.

Pickle on the Rocks is a sno-ball.  And it's the invention of the folks from the Cold Spot, a sno-ball stand in Marrero, Louisiana near New Orleans.

The recipe is real pickle juice, really poured right on top of a cup full of shaved ice.

And then right on top, a pickle.  Just like you'd see on top of a big juicy burger.

It's the signature of the season.  That's the summer season so Wild Bill is taking a blast smack dab back to the middle of the summer season.

Pickle on the Rocks is a blast of winter, in the middle of summer, in the middle of a sno-ball.

It's the way to celebrate and take a bite right from the middle of National  PIckle Day which is traditionally celebrated every November 14.

You can celebrate with the pickle of your choice:  Dill, Gherkin, Polish, Kosher Dill, Bread and Butter or even a Brined Pickle.

How many pickles do Americans gobble up every year?  Well, more than 5 million pounds.

That's a lot of pure pickle power.

And you know the trend in pickles these days.  It's the deep-fried pickle.  It used to be the kind of thing you could get only at a festival or carnival or fair.

Now deep-fried pickles are on the menu at restaurants everywhere.

So take a bite from your pickle.

And cheers, if it's a Pickle on the Rocks from the Cold Spot in Marrero, Louisiana.