‘The scariest experience of my life’: Olivier House Hotel guests on 3-alarm fire

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NEW ORLEANS - An Oklahoma couple in town for their honeymoon witnessed a terrifying scene early this morning when a three alarm fire broke out at a French Quarter hotel.

"We met in a fan group called Oklahoma Sherlocked. We were both fans of Sherlock the BBC series," Anthony Vogt said of he and his new wife.

So after they got married in Norman, Oklahoma, the history geeks decided there was no better place to go for their honeymoon then New Orleans.

The couple hopped on a Carnival Cruise a week ago, then checked into the Olivier House Hotel at Toulouse and Dauphine Streets on Monday.

"We watched Walking Dead because there was a new episode last night. We went to sleep and I heard alarms. I went out to the balcony and saw smoke coming from the other end of the hall. I contemplated jumping into the pool, but that was too far away to make - and then I heard someone downstairs say 'are you guys OK?'" said Vogt. "It was possibly the scariest thing I've experienced - and could experience with my wife."

Another couple staying at the hotel shot video of the fire, which broke out around midnight. They say it was a frightening experience.

"My husband saw black smoke and he was like we got to go," said Rachel Sanford of Maryland.

But both couples say this experience won’t ruin their trip.

"Oh -- we are going to Bourbon Street today," Sanford said.

"A little fire isn't going to stop me. It's definitely the most adventurous honeymoon that I've heard of," said Vogt.

All of the guests have been relocated to different hotels in the Quarter. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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