Name a world contest

Nearly a decade later, NASA has located two unmanned spacecraft orbiting the moon, including India's Chandrayaan-1, which went quiet in 2009.

Alright folks, NASA needs your help in naming a tiny, icy world just on the edge of our solar system.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will fly past this small world currently called, “(486958) 2014 MU69,” or just MU69 for short.

Not very exciting, is it?

So that’s where you come in.

New Horizons will be heading to MU69 January 1, 2019.

So think of some unique, crazy, and wacky names that this tiny world should be called.

The team at New Horizons, along with NASA, will review your best ideas and pick a winner in early January, 2018.

So put your thinking caps on, voting ends December 1, 2017.

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