Katie’s Kitchen: Double-stuffed sweet potatoes

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NEW ORLEANS -- Katie's Restaurant and Bar in Mid-City is rich in local flavor, and thanks to Chef and owner Scot Craig, we're bringing you some of their best recipes.

Today, Chef Craig and his friend, Cowboy Mouth drummer Fred LeBlanc, bring you a delectable dish: goat cheese-stuffed sweet potatoes.

Here's the recipe:

Double Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

4 large sweet potatoes

Goat cheese - 8 tablespoons

Pitted dates - 10

Andouille - one link

Creole seasoning



Panko bread crumbs (1 cup)

Parmesan cheese (1/2 cup)

1/4 cup olive oil


Bake large sweet potatoes until soft. Cut ends off and then cut potato in half. Leave skin on.

Hollow the potato halves leaving a small amount in the bottom so the potato can stand up.

Combine potato mixture with finely chopped andouille and grilled dates. Mix and add seasoning.

Re stuff the potato with mixture adding a spoonful of goat cheese to the center.

Combine olive oil, panko and Parmesan cheese to the top of potato and bake at 350 until golden brown!