Take a big step back in time at the 17th annual Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond

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HAMMOND, La. -- Are you a fan of history and fun? Then the Louisiana Renaissance Festival is just the spot for you.

For six weekends starting Nov. 4, the Renaissance Festival comes to life at 46468 River Road in Hammond. It is open Saturdays and Sundays until December 10, with the exception of the weekend after Thanksgiving, when it's open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 24-26).

The festival features juggling, magic, glassblowing, live music, baking, dancing, gaming, painting and so much more -- all part of the 16th Century English "Village of Albright" theme. There are more than 600 artisans, entertainers, and educational demonstrators.

There's even a bagpipe competition.

And food. Lots and lots of food.

Photo courtesy Louisiana Renaissance Festival

A couple of jousters from the festival stopped by the Twist studio recently and kindly explained that the art of jousting -- one of many events at the Renaissance Fest -- is much more than just "horses and swords."

"Our fiercest, most ferocious warhorses go charging at one another, while we have, in our right hand, a 10-foot lance," one jouster said.

Photo courtesy Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The two jousters compete for points -- or the ultimate score of unhorsing their opponent.

It's just one of hundreds of sights to see at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and you've got six weekends to find your way there.

Costumes are fun -- and so are accents -- but they're not required! You can dress up -- or down -- as long as you're comfortable.

Visit the Louisiana Renaissance Festival website for a full list of vendors, shows and other events.

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