Hometown Haunts: Mahogany Jazz Club

NEW ORLEANS - Do you like absinthe? We know a place that serves it perfectly in today's Hometown Haunts!

At the Mahogany Jazz Hall, the drink of choice is absinthe otherwise known as the green fairy. An other-worldly spirit, absinthe was once feared as an addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen, however, it has been found to be no more harmful than any other alcohol. It's best served cold, but it isn't the only icy spirit at Mahogany Jazz Hall.

The General Manager, Connie Fry, told us of the spirits. "I've had staff members previously that have mentioned actually seeing a figure in the back room...I have had several customers who have mentioned having feelings of things brushing across their shoulder, fingers running through their hair shadows out of the corners of your eyes."

In the 1800s, the bar was part of the Quarter House and one day a man decided to deal with life's difficulties in a surprising way, "Charles turned around and hung himself, so I'm pretty sure he's one of the spirits that lingering."

Unfortunately, there were more mysterious cases of suicides. Despite the bar's sinister past, the spirits here are benevolent and there's one inhabitant that's a bit of a jokester. "We have one who we jokingly call Rebekah because we don't know her name. But you'll see a glass move a little bit on the bar or if you're getting ice out of the ice machine, the lid will drop on your head.  She just wants to let you know that somebody's here."