Seaweed Candy: Would you eat it?

NEW ORLEANS - Let's see what Test Kitchen Taylor is cooking up today!

It's Halloween time and that means Test Kitchen Taylor is making frightful treats to go along with some of her classic DIY costumes! Today she was a DIY Mermaid. What do mermaids give out on Halloween? Seaweed Candy, of course.

Candied Seaweed
4 sheets Nori or Seaweed
White chocolate chips
blue, purple and green food dye

Cut the Nori sheets into 2″ wide strips. Each sheet will make 3 to 4 strips.
Split chocolate into three bowls.
Melt each bowl and color with mermaid colors.
One at a time, brush half of nori with chocolate and cover with sprinkles.
Freeze until hard.

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