Enter to Win a 4-Pack to Jurassic Tour! ENDED!

Thanks for playing. This contest has ended. The Jurassic Tour Dinosaur Show is  November 4-5 in Slidell’s Northshore Square Mall!

For more information or to purchase tickets to the show visit http://jurassictour.com/

Congratulations to our winners!

  • Demeredith Griffin
  • Rose Solano
  • Joseph Owumi Jr.
  • Mitzi Robichaux
  • Yvette Guidry


About the Event:

Announcing T. Rex Planet Jurassic Adventure, the largest most realistic Dinosaur event ever seen in the Louisiana!! This fun filled family event will be located at the North Shore Square Mall in Slidell. There will be a wide variety of fun and educational activities designed to engage all members of the entire family. Embark on a prehistoric journey from the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods and discover the dinosaurs that ruled the earth for more than 150 million years ago!  The main exhibit features over 50 life size ultra-realistic dinosaurs in their natural habitat.  Other exhibits include hands on interaction with these enormous Dinosaurs, ride a cute little baby Dinosaur, be courageous and ride a 12 foot animatronic T Rex & Triceratops. Tracey, a friendly young T-Rex greets guests once every 3 hours and can be found walking and playing with the kids.  There’s a fossil dig where young paleontologists can dig up ancient bones, a Virtual Reality Zone designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, a Jurassic Themed Bounce area with dinosaur inflatable bounce houses, scale a Jungle Wall. Test your skills at basketball and darts, face painting, and much more.