Two films shot in New Orleans ranked top three at weekend box office

NEW ORLEANS — The Atlanta shot film Boo 2: A Madea Halloween was #1 at the box office this weekend. The film that was written, starred, and directed by Tyler Perry brought in $21.2 million domestically with a $25 million budget. According to, 50% of moviegoers liked the film.

Right under Boo 2, was the New Orleans shot Geostorm at #2. The film that stars Gerard Butler was a flop in a sense even though it came in at #2 at the box office. The film’s budget was $120 million budget but only grossed $65.8 million worldwide. Was it a good film? Well, According to the Tomatometer,  Geostorm only scored 11% with a 45% audience score who liked the film. The biggest complaints from critics were “the lacking of impressive visuals, well-written characters, or involving drama.”

The other NOLA shot film Happy Death Day came in at #3. You can say the horror flick had a good turn out. It only cost $4.8 million to make the film and so far has grossed over $53.6 million worldwide. So is it worth checking out?  Happy Death Day had a Tomatometer of 67% with an audience score of %70 of moviegoers who liked the film. Critics say “Happy Death Day puts a darkly humorous sci-fi spin on slasher conventions, with added edge courtesy of starmaking performance from Jessica Rothe.”