Dr. Rachel: Embrace your morning stretch. It’s good for you!

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NEW ORLEANS -- There's something you do every morning when you wake up, and you might not even know you that this happens daily.

You stretch out your body. Even your cats and dogs do this!

Dr. Rachel says you should start paying attention to those morning stretches.

"What I have noticed is if I really indulge in my morning stretch, I feel even better," she says.

When you sleep, you pretty much stay same position for extended amounts of time, so your muscles lose their tone, and your heart beats slowly.

When you first wake up and do your instinctual stretch, your heart rate increases, your blood flows faster and circulates to your muscles and the rest of your body.

Your stretch regains flexibility and range of motion in your muscles and joints, and relieves tension making you feel better and ready to get out of bed.

When you wake up, pay attention to your morning stretch and take a moment to really enjoy it.