Hometown Haunts: French Quarter apartment was site of vampire serial killings

NEW ORLEANS - Have you ever heard of The Carter Brothers? Their ghastly story is sure to give you a shiver in today's "Hometown Haunts."

On the corner of Royal and Saint Ann streets, a second story apartment over an antique shop is the site of a series of vampire serial killings. In the 1930s, the Carter Brothers would capture their victims, tie them up and bleed them out over the course of several days. They would then drink this blood.

One victim escaped in 1934 and was able to alert the authorities. Numerous bodies were discovered at the scene of the crime. Several of the victims had been tied up for many nights. One particular man had been upstairs for an entire week, almost bled dry. He was on death's door.

None of the victims who were saved came to any happy endings. Murder, madness, and mayhem would befall them for the rest of their lives. A truly horrifying epilogue to a ghastly series of murders.

It's said that The Carter Brothers disappeared shortly after the victim went to the police, never to be seen again. We're told that apartment is up for rent quite often, as the odd happenings are too much for most tenants.