Step up the scare factor with a haunted house this Friday the 13th

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Courtesy: House of Shock

NEW ORLEANS — With Halloween fast approaching, haunted houses are in full swing. This Friday, the scare factor will be even higher, as it happens to be Friday the 13th!

Those who want to get spooky can check out the House of Shock’s 25th anniversary haunted house.

Courtesy: House of Shock

Frights for 2017 include the brand-new “House of Wax” exhibit, paying tribute to the city’s grisly industry and the old Musee Conti wax museum that stood in the French Quarter for 51 years.

It has rooms dedicated to local horrifying happenings, including the Murderess Madame Delphine Lalaurie, The Legend of the Rougarou, Marie Laveau, and Morgus the Magnificent.

The House of Shock features 25,000 square feet of terror, along with a live stage show, music, food and bar.

Courtesy: House of Shock

House of Shock is located at 319 Butterworth St. in Jefferson and is open every Friday and Saturday during the month of October, as well as Sunday, October 22, Thursday, October 26, Sunday October 29, Monday October 30 and Halloween on Tuesday, October 31!

The House of Shock operates from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. (closing time subject to change).

General admission to the haunted house is $30 and VIP admission is $55, allowing patrons to bypass the line. Tickets are available onsite and online at

Courtesy: The Mortuary

Across town, The Mortuary haunted house offers scares to visitors in an old mansion, that’s alleged to actually be haunted!

This year’s theme is phobia, which they describe as an overwhelming and irrational fear creating intense anxiety or distressing emotion aroused by perceived impending danger, evil, pain, in which you have a persistent dread of a situation, creature, thing, or place.

Some of the phobias you may see on display include arachnophobia, hemophobia and nyctophobia.

Courtesy: The Mortuary

They’ve even included paraskevidekatriaphobia, which is a fear of Friday the 13th!

The Mortuary haunted house is located at 4800 Canal Street in New Orleans and is open Thursday-Sunday throughout the month of October, as well as some additional dates.

Check their online calendar for more information.

Courtesy: The Mortuary

General admission tickets are $30 and available at the box office onsite or online.  Express admission costs $40, the VIP fast pass is $50 and a “Frequent Fear” season pass is available for $125.

The Mortuary also features an escape room experience, that’s open year round.